Compressed gas cylinder safety

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Guidelines

We will explain compressed gas cylinder Safety guidelines in the term of identification, storage, handling, hazards, precaution and use of industrial compressed gas cylinders. COMPRESSED GAS CYLINDER GENERAL DEFINITION HAZARDS & PRECAUTION 1) Compressed gas cylinder: Argon, oxygen, acetylene, gases are compressed under high pressure and can be stored inside the cylinder for easy transportation […]

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Today our topic is the Emergency Evacuation Procedure. we will cover  Definitions, Purpose, categories, emergency response, Siren types, & evacuation procedure. Definition, Purpose & Categories: Definition of Emergency: In simple word : Accidents or major incident, gas leaks, fire inside the refinery. Definition  Evacuation: During handling of an emergency at a site, there could be instances […]

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